Clean Eggy Pie

A few months ago, my mom taught me how to make this amazing egg soufflé. She fried rounds of potatoes to put on the bottom of the pan, and cooked four kinds of vegetables. She whisked like 6 eggs and pulled out a bag of shredded cheese (an Italian blend) and poured it all into the pan. It’s great reheated through the week, with a little bit of ketchup.

I’ve made it a couple times since, but Scott and I prefer to not eat fried things. So this time, I decided to make an absolutely clean version. 
-I whisked three eggs and two egg whites in a bowl and set it to the side.
– I steamed broccoli, zucchini, and peas. 
-At the last second, I threw a ton of spinach in the pan and let it wilt down to nothing. 
-I greased my favorite glass pie pan, and poured all of the ingredients in.
-I added a little chili powder and paprika to the top, since capsicum (in chili powder) is good for the metabolism & paprika is just delicious. 
I baked it for 30 minutes at 325.
 Then I broiled it for 5 minutes on the top rack. Scott ate two slices of this with whole wheat toast and ketchup. Perfect easy meal! Brain food.


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