Scott and I had a fabulous weekend. We were busy, with nutrition consulting and photography gigs. I wrote a crazy long paper and we filed taxes. 

But we did find time to take some cool pictures! When I lived in Hawaii, I loved to dress up and head off to a gorgeous or interesting location and have a mini photoshoot. I always put effort into my hair, make up, and outfits, and I think it’s important to document your life.

I love looking back on old photographs, and this might be vain- but I like to see old pictures from when I was 18 and had dyed my hair crazily and wore a lot of thrift shop finds. It’s like my own time capsule. Plus, I’ve always been the photographer of the group. My poor external harddrive is stuffed with 50,000 photos of the past five years. 

Now I’ll be able to look back at when I was 22 and bought that cool hat from H&M! Ha.

Do you like having your picture taken? 


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