A few weeks ago, I decided to move away from cups and mugs to a real make up storage unit for my make up station. I found this beauty at the Container Store, and could not be happier.

DSC_0155 DSC_0148


I put coffee beans in the back three compartments to keep my brushes upright, and stacked my products in the front section. I keep my favorite lipsticks in a glass Bath & Body Works candle that I used up & cleaned out (it’s an easy process since B&BW candles are vegetable wax based, and they’re a great sized jar).

I always have my eye out for ways to improve my beauty station.

How do you store your make up? Are you all about the acrylic cosmetic displays?

Let me know!




6 thoughts on “BEAUTY STORAGE!

  1. All of my beauty stuff are in wooden box holders I got from the arts and craft section at Walmart. I can’t wait to get an acrylic one. Makes things look way better😊

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