Sunshine, Yellows, & More News…

Hello all!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Austin. These are my favorite kinds of days, and I can’t wait until it’s summer. The 80-degrees-one-day and 40-the-next weather of Texas is making me crazy. Last week I pulled out all of my summer clothes, and the next day the doors to my car were iced over.

At any rate, my love of sunshine also has to do with my favorite color, and not just my preferred weather. My favorite color is yellow (although you may have guessed pink). And in honor of that, today I had a little yellow themed photo-shoot.


I recently acquired a new favorite nail polish, which is pictured above. It’s HAPPY GO LUCKY by China Glaze. It’s a really great formula. I hate sheer yellow nail polishes, and luckily this one is opaque with just two coats. It looks a little weird on my toes, but it is so perfectly joyful for a manicure.

Also pictured is my new STILA Smudge Stick in Canary. This is a completely unnecessary beauty product that I obsessed over for weeks, and finally got my greedy, yellow loving paws on it. It’s a GORGEOUS matte yellow, perfecting for adding a pop of color this spring. I feel like it really makes my blue eyes look even bluer. I just love this product. You can check Canary out here, along with the other smudge sticks (I’m also lusting over Turquoise and Gilded).



Finally, in other news…


Yay! I’ve been working to get to this point for a long time.

So please, check it out! And if you have read it- please leave Into The Ocean a review!


I am just so happy to finally be able to say that my book is on Amazon. Next step, it will be in stores! Stay tuned.

Stay sunny & keep aiming for your goals!



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