Loving Lately: Style!

Hey guys!

Does anyone else do this? Now that it’s 100 degrees, the hottest month here in Texas, and the high time to pull out the flip flops and mini dresses, I am OBSESSED with fall.

Crazy, right?

I am thinking about baking, dreaming about pumpkin products, ready to buy some Bath & Body Works candles, and digging through my boxes for my fall clothes.

I need to get it together!

At any rate, here are the boots that I’m obsessing over for fall:

18943464_001_0 25712415_020_b 32886533_001_0 32556987_023_d101847825712415_005_bjc boots


They are all on Free People’s website, which I never let myself on usually (too cute! too expensive!). They are all over the knee, which is what I want, and low heeled. The JOE and JOHNNY boots are my favorite.

I’m thinking even in Austin I can make some over the knee boots work.

Maybe that’s just me being delusional!

Talk soon,



One thought on “Loving Lately: Style!

  1. Lol I know exactly what you mean. I was working today and all I thought about was how I wished it was winter already. Anyways it seems you like fashion. What about make u and beauty products. I posted some polls today find out what beauty and skincare products women wear. This is not a scam by the way. 😊 I would really like it if you give me your input. Here is my blog: http://www.henadoesstuff.wordpress.com

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