Glam Glow Mask Review

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I spent $20 on a teeny tiny jar of face mask, and it was the wrong mask. I thought I was picking up the Glam Glow Youth Mud mask, which I’ve used before and loved. Instead, I picked up the Thirsty Mud mask and tried it out instead of returning it.


My Review:

The instructions on the box said you can apply the mask and wipe it off after ten minutes, or apply it at night and let it soak in. It was a clear choice to me- let my chronically dry skin absorb the mask overnight.


The mask has an incredible texture- soft and completely creamy, but also slightly gel-like, which is something I look for in my skin care products. It also smells amazing, like coconut and vanilla. However, the scent is not overwhelming at all.

So, for over the course of three weeks, I used the mask before bed. I would apply it about half an hour before bed, and pushed it into my skin with my fingertips before going to sleep. I used it twice a week.

Here is how my skin looked the morning after I used twice. This was after TWO times, in one week!

IMG_4860 IMG_4859

Normally my skin has dry patches, and here you can see it looks very happy, for lack of a better word.

This product went from a mistake purchase to one of my new favorites.

I also use it as a moisturizer occasionally, massaging it into my skin when my forehead or chin is feeling dry and I have some time before applying my makeup. I have also tried it the other way, where I apply it and wipe it off. The difference wasn’t as clear in the mirror, but my makeup went on smoother!

The only downside is that Scott hates it since he can’t kiss my face! How could there be any real downside though, with visual results like that?

Another happy find!



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