French Braid Look

I didn’t used to be able to do a French braid. Don’t even talk about a fishtail braid- that used to seem like an impossibility. But like winged eye liner, I didn’t want to live my life unable to do this basic thing. So I watched a million YouTube videos and practiced a lot, for different braids and cat eye liner until I had mastered them.

Things like French braids really do take a lot of practice, but that’s like all things in life that take finesse and patience (photography, painting, fishing!, etc.). A French braid is a normal braid where the hair is parted in 3 sections and you lay them over each other in an alternating pattern, but you also grab hair from beneath the 3 sections and include more each time you cross over and move down.

Yesterday I sat down at my vanity and didn’t know what to do with my clean, slightly wavy hair. I decided to do a braid right into the side. At first I had the braid go all the way down and include the hair from the back and other side, but it looked weird and too skinny at the bottom. I undid that and clipped my flower clip it in at a better spot.


Lipstick: Kat Von D studded kiss in Lovecraft
 I really liked this hairstyle because I could have tucked the rest of my hair into a low bun for a more fancy look. I kept it down for a casual trip to Whole Foods for vegan tacos.
If my hair was longer or I had extensions, I would do fishtail braids more often than French braids. Fishtails look SO cool, yet I feel like they require a lot of hair to look good. They also require a lot of quick finger work and are really hard.

How are your braiding skills? What is your go to hairstyle?


Happy Monday!



5 thoughts on “French Braid Look

  1. The only braid I can do is a regular braid I suck at braiding but I’m going to start practicing the fishtail !

  2. Wow, this is a very beautiful simple look! I’m actually really curious about how long you have been braiding because this braid looks amazing, a pro could have done it!!!

    I have been braiding for… 10ish years now. The braid was one of the first hair styles I tackled.

    My go to for march was the half up messy bun/top knot. For April it has been Dutch braids. ❤ [=

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