Nail Polish Storage

Hey everyone!

I have to confess that I get irrationally upset when I hear about people storing their nail polishes in shoe boxes. I mean, I may be alone in this, but I think nail polish bottles are really pretty and deserve to be displayed. Plus how do you ever decide which one to use? Seeing all of the colors reminds me of how many I own, which colors I am missing, and allows me to rearrange by favorites or brands.

I bought a clear nail polish display rack from Amazon for my birthday last year and am about to purchase a second one. Here is the one I have. It holds 96 bottles, which means between 14 and 16 bottles of polishes to a row.


It’s a very simple solution, but it’s one that I love and recommend. I have a similar feeling about my makeup, and I prefer to see most of my stash. It helps me to keep my consumerism in check. When I am at Sephora and think I need another blush, I remember that my blush box is full and I’d have to deal with that if I made a purchase. With my polish, I know I have to take one off my rack to put one on whenever I buy a new color, and this makes me carefully consider a purchase.

Plus… I LOVE rearranging my polish collection. This week it’s by brand, last week it was by color!!

What do you store your polish in?






9 thoughts on “Nail Polish Storage

  1. This is amazing! My mom does nails just as a hobby and her collection looks similar. I’m def going to show her this though, your collection is so pretty! 🙂

  2. Oooh I love it!!! I store my nail polishes on a tray next to my desk. It’s really distracting when I’m studying. ^_^ Hahaha I always end up painting my nails while I’m “studying”. xD

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