NY DIARY DAY 1: Welcome to Long Island!


Man, did we have to get up early for this flight. We were up at 5:45 AM and had to be on the road by 6:15. I started the day with one of those “I know best” moments, which always feels good. Scott and I take turns being right. He said we should sleep in until 6 and rush, but I won out and we really needed those extra fifteen minutes. The extra sleep would have been nice though, since he was up until 12:30 AM recording music 😫. Dating an insanely ambitious perfectionist can lead to such fun wrenches in my plans sometimes!

We parked our car and shuttled to the airport and breezed through security. At least, I did. Scott left his belt on, which the TSA agent took as a personal offense. I already had my handy velcro shoes back on and backpack securely in place by the time Scott made it past our first travel boss. I felt like George Clooney in love letter to frequent flyers,Β Up In The Air, whereas Scott hasn’t flown since our one and only journey to Long Island in 2012.

We had a DIRECT FLIGHT 😍, and it was Delta, which has surreptitiously become the best airline out there?! Seriously, when did Delta step their shit up so much?? I drank free Starbucks and watched Brooklyn Nine Nine (which I got hooked on in Montreal, since it was on Netflix).


Scott and I had the whole row to ourselves, too! Can’t beat that.


We landed after a pretty quick flight halfway across the country, and I quickly decided JFK is my new favorite big airport. It had great shops, great food, natural light, and people were moving fast. (Least favorite big airport is a tie between O’Hare and Orlando. Ugh to both.) I dragged Scott to Dylan’s Candy Bar and debated stopping for Shake Shack real quick. We headed out to the pick up area and waited for his dad.

Travel OOTD: fave AE jeans and my new Michigan bike tee!


And new sunglasses! I got them at the Sak’s Off Fifth outlet right before we left.


Scott’s dad pulled up after just a few, and we ran to his car amidst loud honking and yelling in foreign languages. Ah, back in New York.


I barely got to see Scott’s dad since I got into the seat behind him and we promptly cruised into bad Queens traffic. He caught up with us like a few months had passed instead of five years, and soon enough we were on Long Island.


We met Scott’s niece, and Scott quickly reacquainted himself with the guitar he learned to play on. It was a GORGEOUS day, and we hung out in the backyard, drinking coffee and catching up with his parents.

The day flew by in a blur. It was just us and his parents and niece, which we spent watching his dad cruise around the yard in a crazy tricycle thing. Scott’s other siblings wouldn’t turn up until the next morning! He is the oldest of five, so some solo reunion time was unexpected and lovely!


At night, we went to Bagel Boss, where Scott used to work. The Italian cookie selection was perfectly overwhelming and amazing. I got a sprinkle cookie so big it took me several days to finish. I wanted EVERYTHING. This was Tim Horton’s all over again, except a million times worse because this stuff all had the nostalgia factor for me.



I mean, what can I even write after posting that pic of black and white cookies and rainbow cookies and a RAINBOW COOKIE/BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE CUPCAKE HYBRID? Ahhh!!!

Day two tomorrow. Day two was CRAZY. Get ready!



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