A Very Haute Red ❤️

Hey everyone!

Today I have a red that I reach for all the time. It’s one of the dozen reds in my collection and one I reach for the most! But what makes a red nail polish better than others? There are so many on the market. Let’s dive into this little Orly- it’s Haute Red!

orly haute red review


This polish is a true red. It’s a pure, perfect red. I love the way it looks against my skin, and it is just a great everyday color. It’s can work for holiday red for sure, too, but I would categorize this one under year round perfect staples. It’s also a good shade for pedicures, since it’s a very true red.

Although it’s just a regular old red on the rack, this formula and shine of this one makes it special. When I want a red manicure, I often go for this elegant shade!

orly haute red review


This polish was opaque in one coat. I applied two coats for a more perfect application, and it looked better. But if you apply the polish with a heavy hand, you can be done in one! Woohoo! This polish applied so easily, and it is VERY shiny. I was amazed at the gloss level of this one as it dried. Oh, and it dried fast! I only had to wait a minute before that second coat was tacky and ready for top coat.

I only needed to dip the brush back into the polish once for each coat, which was lovely. It’s the perfect consistency.

haute red orly review


This polish can go into your cuticles if you’re not careful, and it did stain my middle finger when I removed it. But I wasn’t wearing base coat under this mani, so I think that was the problem. So I strongly advise a base coat and top coat with this one. My preferred base coat is OPI’s Nail Envy, since it makes my nails grow, and my favorite top coat is Seche Vite’s Quick Dry.

haute red orly


Color: 10/10

Uniqueness: 5/10, because it’s “just a red” but it has such a great shiny creme formula!

Formula: 10/10 👌

Good for Newbies: 9/10! (It even made the cut on my Good For Newbies polish post!)

Looks good with rings and jewelry: 10/10. This is a glam polish and loves to be dressed up!

haute red orly review swatch

You can pick this polish up here on Amazon and here on Orly’s website.

What do you think of this true red? And more importantly… what’s your favorite red nail polish? Let me know in the comments! I love red nail polishes and can always use more 😝.



3 thoughts on “A Very Haute Red ❤️

  1. Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for the recommendation of Haute Red. I love this color on my toes even a little better than OPI Big Apple Red. I really appreciate your nail color reviews.


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