🍳 Super Duper Easy Meal Idea

Hey everyone!

Here’s an easy meal you can make if you live near a Trader Joe’s. I eat this when I want something healthy but can’t think of anything else I want. In my house, it’s called Veggie Burger Rice!

You will need…

Thai chili veggie burgers from Trader Joe’s

Brown rice (I use instant)

Frozen veggies like peas, corn, etc.

Teriyaki sauce (make sure to read the label- some have High Fructose Corn Syrup. I use Kikkoman Gluten Free.)


That’s it! You can add sauteed veggies, too, if you feel like getting cray. 


I microwave the patty for 1 minute and then put it in a wok. I start crumbling it up with a wooden spoon and add the frozen veggies. When the rice is done, I add as much as I want. Then I season the mix with teriyaki sauce and sriracha and stir it all together.

It’s hot, easy to digest, and has a good protein source. I suggest the Thai Chili TJ’s burgers over others because they’re not texturized vegetable protein or soy. They’re brown rice and veggie patties, and they have a great flavor that lends itself to this dish.

Let me know if I should post more easy recipes like this!



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