Christmas Manicure! My Fave Red + Sparkly Nail Polish ✨

Hey everyone!

Today is Christmas Eve! It’s a mild, lovely day weather-wise here in Austin, Texas, but this nail polish would put anyone in the Christmas spirit. It’s a classic from China Glaze, which is one of my favorite polish brands for affordability and color selection. I took these photos on my iPhone and used a cool little ring light that I picked up on Amazon (and for only $15!). You can check that light out here– it’s also great for selfies!


This is one of those colors that is totally eye-catching. I get a lot of compliments on this one, and it has an amazing shine. It’s glittery and sparkly, and that makes it a total standout. It’s a pure red base but it actually pulls sort of dark, almost like a black base to the red micro-glitter. It’s not just a bright red sparkle polish because of that dark undertone. It’s mature and fun at the same time.

china glaze classic nail polish ruby pumps


This polish applied great on the first coat, and on the second it’s totally opaque. I think this polish has a very easy, go-to formula. I enjoy applying it and it’s one of my new favorites! It has a long, thin brush and covers the whole nails easily. Because of this smooth formula, I’ll be reaching for this one year-round.

china glaze classic nail polish ruby pumps


One of the cons of this polish is that it’s a glitter, so it takes some elbow grease to remove. Using pure acetone is an easy trick to get glitter polish off but pure acetone also smears polish over my fingers when I use it- it’s messy! It’s a micro glitter so it’s not too bad.

This polish is for sale at a bunch of places and I found it for $6 on Amazon. Check that out here!

china glaze classic nail polish ruby pumps


Uniqueness: 9/10. Because it’s such a dark ruby base, I don’t have anything like this!

Formula: 10/10. It’s easy and it lasts a few days without chipping.

Color: 10/10. It’s totally glamorous.

Christmas party appropriate: another 10/10! Such a fun holiday shade.


This review is just in time for Christmas! It’s also a good one to keep an eye out for at Sally’s or Target. It’s going to be a go to for work and events in 2018 when I want to look extra-cute. What do you think of this one? Let me know!

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