Hey everyone!

Today I want to present to you one of THE most popular nail polishes in 2018. It was a part of the OPI Peru launch, which was absolutely gorgeous. I snagged this one and have used it probably a dozen times since (no joke). I love it so much, I decided it was high time for a review.



This polish is a very warm-toned oxblood. It is in the toasty winter red family. It can look red in pictures, which makes it versatile. But it’s definitely a burgundy that belongs in a fall collection. It’s not quite brick red since it’s more red than brown.



This polish has an INTERESTING formula. It is one of the rare polishes in my collection that SUCKS with my usual painting style. If I go in carefully and evenly paint 2-3 coats, this thick polish blobs everywhere and makes me cry. But if I go in freaking STRONG and try to ONE COAT this bitch, it works great!! It’s an easy enough polish as long as you’re willing to do two thick ass coats, with a little dry time in between. You’ve got to show this OPI who’s boss or your day is going to get ruined.



Another thought is that this is a sister polish to one of my all time favorites (ALL TIME. I mean, maybe #1. Definitely #1 in the non-pink category), Rock N Royale by China Glaze. Post on that baby HERE. This color is a redder version of that one, with a thicker formula.



As far as ranking this one in my collection, I can tell you right now it’s going to fare pretty well. I saw it ALL over Instagram before buying it, and the Peru collection was a hard line-up to stand out in.

COLOR: 9/10. It could be a touch warmer in my opinion.

UNIQUENESS: 10/10. I have similar ones, but none so bold and vibrant.

FORMULA: 7/10. As an experienced painter, I can make this bad boy work for me.

EASY FOR NEWBIES: 5/10. Don’t buy this one for your 10 year old niece. It’s too thick and may stain cuticles if it gets smeared around.

FALL PERFECTION: 10/10. Pair it with tights and a sweater dress, I INSIST!

REST OF THE YEAR?: Still a 9/10. It’s February now, and it’s looking pretty damn good. Burgundy is a G like that.


What do you think of this color? Would you rock such a lovely oxblood for Valentine’s Day? Or are you going to stick to the classic pinks?

I still haven’t decided, myself.

Have a great day!



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