My Favorite Fuchsia: Essie’s Style Hunter

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share a pink that might get overlooked out there on the shelves at Ulta, but it deserves glory. It deserves a home in your nail polish collection. It deserves to be on your nails RIGHT NOW.


That color is a stunning dark pink toned red by Essie. It’s in the fuchsia family, and also in the fruit punch family (along with my favorite polish from the OPI New Orleans collection and this other OPI all time classic, Charged Up Cherry). These hot-pink reds are versatile and fun on the nails. I would call it a PINK CHERRY. It has blue undertones, and I keep it on the hot pink shelf of my polish collection, even though it looks decidedly reddish on.



This formula is fabulous. It’s from 2014, so it has the old skinny Essie brush, which I like. People are so down on that brush style, but it’s way better for pedicures. I can’t paint my toes with a fat ass OPI brush! This goes on incredibly easy and is done in the normal 2-3 coats (lightly done, unlike OPI’s Como Se Llama, which I reviewed recently and requires a VERY strong hand, lol). It’s creamy, opaque, works well, and looks satisfying instantly. This polish is also delightfully glossy on its own, but as always, I topped it with my favorite glossy top coat, the fast drying Seche Vite.



I shot these photos in daylight, and you can see how the magenta is lost to the red notes. I love how unique this polish is for that reason, even though it’s definitely dupe-able. It reminds me of OPI’s most famous shade (arguably) Lincoln Park After Dark, because sometimes it looks black and sometimes it looks eggplant. I like that shifting quality in a polish. It’s why I’m more likely to go for a smoky purple that looks black than just straight up black.



COLOR: 10/10. I’m drawn to this one all the time because of this lovely color.

UNIQUENESS: 0/10. I mean, Essie has like 6 other colors like Style Hunter. It’s a magenta red. It’s not revolutionary.

FORMULA: 10/10. This is my GO-TO pedicure polish.

EASE FOR NEWBIES: 9/10. Anyone will be able to make this one work, but it’s a red so some care around the cuticles is required.

IS IT PINK OR RED: I say PINK once and for all! 10/10!! It’s staying on the pink shelf!!


What do you think of this one?

This one is a little hard to find online- it’s on eBay and some salon websites. But in case you’re like me and will google a polish before pulling the trigger at Ulta or some random spot where you’ve stumbled into a bin of Essies, I hope this helps!

I love this polish!




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