Act III Woes

I just have to share... I am REALLY struggling to write right now. I know what I have to write, I want to write, but I have to write the climax at this point. I've reached my climax chapter. This is what I am worst at as a writer. I have a lot of strengths, … Continue reading Act III Woes



This past weekend, I was at the Texas Book Festival. It was my third year attending with my mom. After the first year I went, in 2011 when I saw Sarah Dessen speak, I was so excited and inspired that I started writing what later became my novel Into The Ocean (which you can check … Continue reading HOW TO WRITE A BOOK: My 5 Rules!

It All Started At Macaroni Grill

Three years ago this summer marks getting my first restaurant job. I worked at Macaroni Grill in Westlake (the rich part of Austin). I started as a waitress and after a week of training/crying in my car on breaks, I decided waiting tables was not for me and became head hostess. Working at Macaroni Grill … Continue reading It All Started At Macaroni Grill