Pumpkin Everything & Its Feminist Implications

This year I have been very thrilled with "pumpkin season" for two reasons. I love pumpkin everything. And 2, the stigma surrounding pumpkin spice grocery items has seriously decreased from last year. There is this phenomenon of making fun of things that girls like in our American society. If it is something that teenage girls … Continue reading Pumpkin Everything & Its Feminist Implications


Seasons Changing & Beauty

Summer is over. Not technically, according to the calendar (summer doesn't actually end until September 23rd). If you look around, though, our season of fun and sun has come to a close. Kids are back in school- at least here in Texas, the heat has finally broken, and pumpkin flavored everything has hit the stores. … Continue reading Seasons Changing & Beauty

Autumn Dreaming

I'm getting very excited for Autumn. I think it's mostly because I live in Austin, and I can barely go outside in the daytime. I have to wait until after 6 to run, and even a ten minute drive with the AC down will leave me sweating. It's been a good summer, but I'm READY … Continue reading Autumn Dreaming