Seasons Changing & Beauty

Summer is over.

Not technically, according to the calendar (summer doesn’t actually end until September 23rd). If you look around, though, our season of fun and sun has come to a close. Kids are back in school- at least here in Texas, the heat has finally broken, and pumpkin flavored everything has hit the stores.

What does this early fall mean for beauty?

Even though it’s still pretty warm, the time for vampy looks and a heavier touch with makeup has begun. I think that it’s totally cool to wear bright looks in spring colors all during winter, or bold dark lips during the summer, but there are general makeup community guidelines against this. Partially, this is due to the melt factor– a heavy face will melt right off in a hot summer day, and dark lipstick can be harder to maintain in heat and humidity. Plus, skin is usually drier in winter months, so that au natural dewy summer glow actually takes work to achieve.

For right now, in this transitional time when skin is starting to dry out (at least mine is- does anyone have a good moisturizer to recommend?), yet the weather is still sunny enough for some autumn looks to seem out of place, I have some tips to for you to try.

  • Try darker nail polish now that September is here! But be sure to keep nails groomed and filed if you do this. Dark polish does wonders to accentuate imperfections.
  • Practice going a little heavier with one aspect of your look. Lately I’ve been keeping my look on the summery side, but working on making my brows a little bolder with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in Blonde. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube for doing brows with DipBrow, which can be hard to get used to. This is my favorite brow product of all time, and a slightly sharper or fuller brow adds a great change to your overall look.
  • Pick up a copper or gold eyeshadow. Milani has some fun golds, and I am a huge fan of MAC Cosmetic’s Coppering shadow. These are office appropriate shades when done simply on the lid, but add a really fun fall note.


An early fall look of mine- summer highlights, dark nails, and a light sweater.

Last, remember that your makeup and beauty needs will definitely change as we do leave summertime. Keep up the sun protection, watch your hair for signs of winter dryness, and remember you may have to buy a new foundation and concealer as your summer color fades.

Happy Pumpkin Season!



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