Looking Back!

I remember when I was fifteen and I wanted to tell everyone how much I loved my friends. I wanted to fill my MySpace and AIM profile with declarations of love about Mandy and Andy and my other groups. I was obsessed with my groups in Kalaheo, too, always taking pictures and naming our lunch group (we were the Krewtonz).

Today I feel like that again, wanting to post Facebook statuses about how much I love my twin brother and Abigail and Estevan and Chris. I posted a picture of Estevan and Chris, since we took a great shot on Saturday night. I ran into Abigail in the McCombs Center and she came over and hugged me and told me she missed me. She’s like the cutest thing ever and I can’t believe I have a friend like her.

I am really happy today, which is a relief after last night. I was watching an episode of The Sopranos after eating candy and watching the two most recent episodes of Girls. Well, The Sopranos is not exactly a relaxing show as it is, but this time it made me cry. Paulie’s mother was in an old person’s home (I can never remember the politically correct word for this) and she was in bed, upset and not wanting to leave her room because the other old ladies wouldn’t let her eat lunch with them and she always has to eat alone. This is one of those things- like stories about children with autism who bring service dogs to school to comfort them- that is guaranteed to make me cry. As someone who has been lonely in my life, it absolutely breaks my heart to hear about other people feeling this way.

It’s just one of those days where I want to get up on my soapbox and tell everyone that I am so fucking lucky to have these people in my life.

Below: Scott and me at his old apartment

Below: Bobby, me, and my twin brother Tom- representing Austin BMX company Empire rather hard… 🙂

Below: Estevan, Chris, and their two kitty cats!

As Ellen DeGeneres says, be kind to each other.


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