A great day!

Today was one of the best days of my life. This morning I could barely sleep after fighting with Scott and stressing over my group project. The group project was a fucking mess and I didn’t eat enough breakfast before class. I thought it would rain so I didn’t ride Monty to class. But then…

I got to class and didn’t even feel nervous. Looking back, it’s hitting me how weird this is. I usually have a near heart attack when public speaking although I am good at it. I went first and gave my speech, which I thought was well rehearsed and interesting. My partner Christopher went and did a great job, and then the boy who didn’t cooperate with me went. He did a bad job! It didn’t seem like he knew what he was talking about at all.

After class, my closest friend at Southwestern and I went to check our mail as we always do. Abigail listened to me vent as we checked our mail. She even did the thing that only really amazing friends do— she totally supported me and listened. Even though she was friends with the guy in my group who let me down, Abigail said things like, “If that’s the best effort you can make, you need to reevaluate your life!” “Like that’s your problem??” and “That is NO excuse. There are labs all over campus that are open 24/7, and I’m sure his roommate has a computer.”

I got home from class and expected to still be angry, because I had been angry for so long about this project. Like, really, I’d been pissed for about five days at that point. But she made everything okay! I sat down at my computer desk and laughed to myself over what she had said.

I was actually okay! I felt better! Big lesson for this 22 year old… People have friends other than their boyfriend, twin, grandfather, and mother for a reason! Ha. I mean, that’s not the reason I don’t have the social circle I did in high school (living 2,000 miles from either of my high schools probably does have something to do with it, though). But it made me really want to invest in people and take chances and not be so quick to judge.

My day only got better from there. My professor emailed me and told me I did an excellent job, and she could tell that there were problems with the other shithead student’s presentation and it would affect his grade.

Then I went for a run, and this happened:


I ran 3 miles in 24 minutes. Usually it takes me 31! WOOOOO!


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