I was kind of interested in what I’ve been doing the past few V-Days. I have a retarded amount of pictures on my external harddrive, eating up about 80 gigs of space. And this means I can look back through the years and see exactly what I wore, what color my hair was, who I was dating, etc. on any given day (only because I was so neurotic about taking pictures throughout high school).


This is the photo I have for 2007. I was sixteen, attending Kalaheo high school, and dating my first boyfriend back in New Jersey.


I was tan, blonde, and most importantly used a RAZR phone. Can you imagine if tomorrow morning when I reached for my iPhone, a RAZR was in its place? I don’t even know how we texted on them.

On this Valentine’s Day, I was eating all of the chocolates my bf had sent from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Shop in Paramus Park Mall with my friends and talking to him on the phone for hours despite the seven hour time difference. SEVEN HOUR. That is a big reason why we didn’t last past February.

I ditched all of my classes and went to the beach with my friends this day, too. Am I wearing an anklet? Whoa. I hate anklets. They make me think spiders are on my feet and I freak out and brush at my legs and then see it’s a stupid beaded piece of hemp and decide to put it in a drawer again.


17 years old. As is expected between junior and senior years, SO  MUCH HAS CHANGED IT’S LITERALLY INSANE. I went from a girl who had only had one boyfriend, and had only ever kissed that one boyfriend, to dating a bunch. I had doubled my friends group. I had a best friend who I later tragically lost to World of Warcraft.

And awesomely, I started shopping at thrift stores. I remember this dress. It was as brilliantly red, fancy, and inappropriate for a day of physics class and lunch lines as can be expected from high school me. It was Rampage brand, which I swooned over in the K-Town Goodwill, since I could never afford anything in the Rampage store in the Garden State Plaza. I paired it with a gray cardigan that I still wear quite regularly, and a pink heart ring, and brown Reef flip flops.image

In this picture, I am at recess with one of my good friends Spoonsy (I know, my high school had recess. Just keep going.) He was not my Valentine, but he and I were tight and I usually ended up sitting next to him in our group of ten people.


Valentine’s Day 2009 finds me single, 18, with my parents out of town. I was a community college student, and consistently golden blonde. I had just gotten out of a year long relationship and my only nod to romance was this peach dress. I had bought it from Goodwill in Aiea, it was Wet Seal brand, I loved it to death.


We are at Costco eating frozen yogurt in this picture, after a cloudy day at Sandy’s with my friend Austin (pictured), my brother, and Hawaiian beauty Alora. Many people would be surprised to know that going to Costco for food after the beach is one of the most cherished traditions in Hawaii. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten Costco hot dogs or twist fro yo, both hungry and shaking and upset in New Jersey, and sunburned, happy and sandy on Oahu.


In 2010, I was nineteen and now living in Austin, Texas with my family. I attended community college, still, drove a 1980 Mercedes Benz (sounds so cool! It didn’t have heat or radio! yay…) and was very single and very friendless in my new city.


Here I am with my dad! This is the most normal he has ever looked in any photograph taken during my lifetime. Honestly. I kind of can’t get over it.

ON TO 2011…

This was the year that I celebrated Valentine’s Day the least. I had started dating my partner Scott by this point, and we celebrated later that month at Mozart’s cafe with Whole Foods truffles. But on the 14th, it was a whole other kind of celebration:image

imageIt was the last day that Macaroni Grill was open! The branch where I had worked for seven long months as head hostess was terminated, and our last day of business was V-day. Between the word getting out that we were closing and cheesy suburbanites loving Macaroni Grill, we were SO SLAMMED. My uniform required me to wear all black, but you can tell I stopped caring about rules because that is certainly a blue vest. It was a crazy shift, and we ended the night fantasizing about burning the place down and eating free ravioli. Memories.


It was my second Valentine’s Day with Scott, and we decided to do the traditional thing that waiters and restaurant workers usually never do- we actually went out for dinner on the 14th. We expected the food to be blah and the waitstaff to be short with us and the drinks to be watery. I mean, Scott worked as a waiter for like 8 years. He knows better than to go out on Valentine’s Day (or Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or even just Sundays…).

But I had bought a dress, and shoes, and we wanted to go out!


Dinner at Clay Pit had ended up being amazing, with chai creme brulee for dessert and drinks like Mumbai martini getting me all kinds of V-day drunk. 

NOW IT’S 2013…

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see which course the day takes. Will it be a balloons-and-red-dresses kind of V-Day, or a work-and-wear-black sort?

We shall see. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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