Saturday Night’s Alright!

I am back at home at Southwestern for the night. I spent the first part of the weekend in Austin, at the house where I was housesitting. But my friend comes home today, so I decided to come back out here to my place.

I was unloading the groceries I had gotten at Central Market while Scott ate some dinner, and I realized I have so much food! A lot of it is just odds and ends instead of the staples of clean eating- like, white beans or apple sauce as opposed to fresh veggies. Tomorrow I am definitely going to cook and bake all day. Me + 30 Rock + my oven. I am thinking pumpkin muffins and roasted chickpeas to start.

Now I am watching some youtube videos and hanging up my clothes. I am always shuttling between my place, the house I’m watching, Scott’s place, and my parents, so there’s always a big tote bag to unload of my stuff. I’ve got a Karissa Pukas (saturdaynightsalrite) video going- I’m watching her February Favorites that I missed while I was in Florida.

My favorite youtube channels lately:

1. dailygrace – She talked about Stacy & Clinton of What Not To Wear on her fashion blog, and she’s from New Jersey. She’s really funny and entertaining. I think we’d get along.

2. eleventhgorgeous – These sisters run a makeup channel, and it’s so compulsively watchable. For example, I showed my mom their channel briefly tonight (the spring nail polish episode) and she goes, “What are they talking about??” and put on her eye glasses. Haha.

3. saturdaynightsalrite – She’s a platinum blonde Canadian living in Australia and does great makeup tutorials. Pictured below.


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