catching up!

It has been forever! I was in Florida for 10 days without internet (I did post once from my iPhone, but that connection was spotty too). I have also been writing a lot. That’s what I was just doing when I reminded myself what a terrible blogger I am! Hello!

Today at 9 AM I had an advisor meeting with my fabulous college advisor Kim. She had on this great Diane Von Furstenburg-looking mint wrap dress and red heels, and she had four cups of coffee going on her desk. I was like, OK, good start!

We planned my last TWO SEMESTERS at university! Yay for that! 

This fall I will be taking a creative writing seminar on Wednesdays for four hours a shot. I am really excited. When she said that the professor would ask for a sample of my writing, I giggled a little. I can do that! I will also be in my writing intensive Cap Stone seminar for sociology.

Then I came home, brewed a pot of coffee, and got into my writing/some homework. I will update with some pictures from my beautiful, stressful Florida trip later today. In the meantime, here is a picture of my handsome twin brother…


 And one of me from a night when my hair just loved me.



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