Yogurt Love

I will be honest: I love Greek yogurt.

Especially Chobani Flips. They’re new, and I waited a long time for the Targets in Austin to start carrying them. I had seen the Key Lime Crumble one on the @chobani instagram page in like, December, and finally tried it this past week!

I love it, and it prompted Scott and me to embark on one of our favorite past times: YOGURT HUNTING. We drove to a bunch of different grocery stores in Austin, hoping they would have different flavors in stock.

Yogurt Hunting is actually a riff of cider hunting. Scott, my brother Tom, and I would check out different Central Markets, Whole Foods, and HEBs around Austin, looking for different flavors of Woodchuck Cider- like Summer, or Crisp. It’s really fun, unless you hate the thrill of finding something delicious in a strange part of town like an adult scavenger hunt.

The Chobani Flips we have found so far on our Yogurt Hunting are:

Strawberry with honey oats
Coconut yogurt with toasted almond and dark chocolate chips
-Vanilla with pralines and cornflakes
-Vanilla with banana jelly (not pictured)
Key Lime yogurt with graham cracker and white chocolate

And also a different brand vanilla yogurt with malted milk balls that I just couldn’t pass up.

I’m not usually tempted by the other Chobani flavors like Blood Orange or Pear. I like the plain ones, and then I make my own parfaits with them.

 Here are my dream Greek yogurt flavors:

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. S’mores
  3. Cookies & Cream
  4. Pumpkin Pie
  5. Bubble Gum
  6. Red Velvet
  7. Peaches & Cream
  8. White Chocolate Mocha
  9. Salted Caramel
  10. Wild Strawberry
 (Apparently I have the palette of a very precocious fourth grader). Get on it, Chobani!

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