Running in Texas

I love to run. If you knew me from 8th grade to senior year, you may know I finagled my way out of almost every gym class, especially the running ones. I had my mom write notes, I would ditch classes, I would feign illnesses and slip out at the last minute. I spent an entire year chilling in the library with the librarians instead of attending PE.

But now, by choice, it’s one of my favorite past times!

However, I live in Central Texas. And running in Texas can suck for the following reasons:

1. Men in pick up trucks and cowboy hats slowing down to look (gross)

2. Snakes– I have encountered 2 snakes in 4 years, and that’s WAY more than I am comfortable with! (One was a garter snake and one was a real rattlesnake)

3. Wasps and other huge stingy insects. This is one of my biggest fears. Once one of the wasps we have here stings, they call their friends to come help FINISH THE JOB! So scary.

4. HEAT! All summer long, it is over 100 degrees every day, even at night. Every time I get home from a summer run, I wonder what is wrong with me, why would I think this is a good idea?

Running here is gorgeous though, in a way that is so abstract to me. I am used to the green, full beauty of summertime New Jersey, and the lush, tropical, overwhelming scenery of Hawaii.

Texas has a whole different appeal.

Look! Real cacti with desert flowers!

It’s nothing like what I’m used to, and I love it.


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