Michael Kors Watch

So I was in a focus group yesterday with ten other Austin women. We were told to dress business professional for the meeting, and I wore a Forever 21 polka dot pencil skirt, a white eyelet blouse, and blue blazer that I bought on clearance at Nordstrom’s Rack. Other women were dressed similarly, in dresses and pants and nice tops.

The young woman I sat next to, however, was wearing amazing J. Crew skinny jeans and a statement necklace. But the best part of her outfit was this gorgeous Michael Kors watch on her wrist.

3 Rose 14 Michael Kors Watch


Here is how it looked. It’s $275 on the Michael Kors website. Now, I am not crazy about that brand- it’s a little too ritzy Long Island for my tastes. However, that is a GREAT time piece, is it not??

So here comes the first addition to my CSB (Cinnamon Sugar Beauty) Lust List:

I found a DUPE (duplicate, or like a lookalike product) watch of this one from Nordstrom’s Juniors department.



This one is only $20! Can you believe it? They look so similar. I can’t justify buying a watch right now, even if it is only $20. So, to the Lust List it goes. Do you guys like Michael Kors? What do you think of rose gold?


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