VIOLET RAY lipstick review

I have an obsession with dark lipstick. I’m not sure where this comes from. Dark lipstick is not really a thing in the summer, and I have blonde hair and blue eyes so I feel like it’s extra hard for me to pull off. I usually wear pinks and fuchsias  but that doesn’t mean I’m not regularly eyeing the darkest tubes at Ulta.

Maybe I never explored my goth side in high school?

All that said: I bought Violet Ray by NYX. It’s from their Round Case line, which I’ve talked about before on here.


It’s not even as dark as I was hoping! Here it is in the tube:




It’s much more red than purple, and it’s darker in the tube.



What do you think about it? I’m not totally sold on the color right now, but maybe it will be a good color for the fall!


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