Changing Taste Buds!

I had such a great day today! I woke up feeling happy and well rested, which is always awesome. Since Scott is rarely around in the morning and our favorite place offers breakfast tacos all day on weekends, we headed to Taco Deli, which I’ve gone on record in saying is my happy place. Taco Deli has lots of vegan tacos and whole wheat tortillas, which is awesome. We ordered the queso (hot melted cheese you dip tortilla chips in, in case you aren’t familiar- it’s a big staple at Tex Mex places), since this is the kind of cheese that could convince you to move to Austin. Our philosophy is to do the best we can and make smart choices, and today that choice seemed to include queso…

However… I couldn’t eat the queso! After cutting out 95% of dairy recently, I found that the queso just tasted off to me. Scott, who was vegan for about 5 years before we dated (much more impressive than the 6 months I achieved a few years ago before going back to vegetarianism), said that my taste buds changing like this is totally normal. He even found the half + half he puts in his coffee tastes green and grassy now that he has made the switch in so many other ways. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the queso, by the way. It’s just my new taste buds. I really enjoyed the salsa more than usual as well, which was just as unexpected. I didn’t miss eggs at all, either. My custom taco was amazing and is definitely my new favorite. I ordered their special mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, and sauteed onion, as well as a Freakin’ Vegan, which is a taco of refried beans, avocado and pico de gallo. I forgot to take pictures this time as I was scarfing down my breakfast, but I’ve included some #foodporn of Taco Deli’s tacos from last time, before I quit eggs. Looks delish, right?? 🙂


I wonder if other people transitioning to different diets have noticed this sort of thing! Leave me a comment if you have!! Our bodies really are amazing. I haven’t eaten fast food in about seven years, and I can’t imagine how my system would react with it now. Listening to our bodies is an incredible part of being human. It goes way past knowing when you are hungry or thirsty if you practice listening.

I don’t mean to approach this in a preachy way at all. I am trying to eat without any animal products (in addition to my long list of ingredients I won’t eat, such as hydrogenated oils or artificial sweeteners), but that doesn’t mean that sort of choice is right for your lifestyle. Additionally, as happy as it would make me for everyone to make more humane, environmental choices, I would HIGHLY recommend you get the queso if you’re ever in Austin!


I hope you’re having a great weekend!




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