Makeup Trend: Dots

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show you one of my favorite little touches to add to a makeup look.

You have to be pretty bold with it, or something bad will happen.

I did this the other day, and I did not do it right, and my boyfriend gently explained to me that I had mascara under my eyes.

Ah, yes, that’s the downside of not going hard enough with your black dots.


The little accent I’m talking about is a small black dot applied with liquid liner under each eye, right under the pupil. It really takes a makeup look from everyday to different.

But, as I said, you can’t go in lightly. And you can’t go in too crazy. You have to be precise so this doesn’t look like sloppy mascara.


Don’t apply these dots like you’re drawing a circle, or they’ll come out too big. Just lightly dot the same spot over and over until it’s dark enough and noticeable enough. Stipple on the liner, as opposed to coloring it on.


I think these dots look amazing whenever I see them on other girls (usually online- I’d love to see someone rock these in person!) and love the uniqueness. It’s much more modern than the fake freckle trend of last year.

This is also one of those makeup accents that is meant to be noticed by other girls who wear makeup. Under eye dots are like dark lipstick or shimmery highlighter: this accent isn’t to make us sexy to men. It’s to feel cool and pretty ourselves, and to let other cool makeup girls know that we’re all in the same Sephora-shopping club! I see you with matte Ruby Woo lips. You see me with these cool dots. Let’s go to Ulta.

My last tip would be to make sure you’ve really blended your under-eye concealer and base. This looks better on a smooth canvas, and it works whether the eye makeup look is simple or smokey.

Try this out and let me know what you think!



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