OOTD: A silk scarf in my hair

Hey everyone!

I’m here blogging because I have to stay off Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I haven’t yet watched the season finale of The Bachelorette and I have avoided spoilers this long, dammit– I’m not going to get spoiled now!! The finale only aired last night, and I’m watching it in a few hours. I will finally find out who Rachel Lindsay picked to be her husband after falling in love in front of cameras for six weeks. Pretty exciting stuff. I’m Team Peter but certainly also Team Peter For Bachelor, when she inevitably picks Bryan. I do like the whole Bachelor franchise, and I’ve been watching since 2008, so that makes me sort of die-hard. At this point I’m just in it for the think-pieces and recap podcasts…

Anyway, back to this outfit of the day post. In Montreal, I bought a silk scarf just like my aunt’s, and blogged about that little fashion mission here. I wore it tied around my neck a few times, which was adorable but suffocatingly hot in the famous summertime Austin heat. I’ll have to give that a rest until, like, October when the heat breaks. I tied my scarf up into my hair, wondering if it looked cute or too trendy or too evocative of like, Rosie the Riveter or something. But I ended up loving the look.



I’ve decided it’s going to be my new thing. It works especially well with my bangs. Now I just need to buy a million more scarves like this in a bunch of different colors.


I think since I’m blonde, a darker color works better in my hair. A yellow scarf would probably get lost in there, colorwise, although a red would pop. I might even try a tie-dyed bandana.

In this OOTD, I wore white jeans from Target that I don’t really love but still keep in the rotation because, hello, white jeans are the cutest, and my black sandals. I wore a strappy black off the shoulder top from American Eagle that I can wear a bra with (unlike most off the shoulder tops, which is why this is the only one I own- what is UP with trends that require you to go braless??). Black and white always makes for a cute OOTD, especially to highlight something like the scarf in my hair.

I got the scarf at Anthropologie, and you can buy the same one if you’d like. It cost me $33 because I was in Canada! But it’s really only $27. Score.

Thanks, The Bachelorette, for keeping me off the rest of the internet today.





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