Veggie Heaven, Downtown Austin

There’s this new phenomenon where whenever Scott and I are on 5th Street, we both want to go to Veggie Heaven. Just being in proximity to this restaurant makes us instantly need to go there. We’ll be cruising up Sixth Street, heading to some appointment or what not, and we’ll turn to each other.

Can we go to Veggie Heaven??

Last time we went, we got our new favorite dish. If you live in Austin, you’ve got to go and try it!

It’s called the CURRYLICIOUS BOWL. It has cauliflower, broccoli, crispy tofu, green onions, fresh basil, button mushrooms and carrots, all in a mild yellow curry sauce. The curry sauce is so fresh and delicious, it’s not like the kind of yellow curries you can get at any Thai restaurant. It also comes with this crazy, dense crispy bun pastry.


We usually order two dishes and share, and our classic order has been the Spicy Yam bowl and the Protein 2000. But now it’s the Currylicious and the SUMMER BOWL!

Their Summer Bowl is broccoli, fried tofu, cabbage, and rice noodles in brown sauce, topped with fresh basil and sliced almonds. It’s garlicky and oniony and fresh because of the basil.


The whole time we’re eating these dishes, we just keep saying that this is how we would most like to eat all the time. If we had it our way, we’d do Veggie Heaven every day. It’s not too salty, and it’s all nice and light. Each dish is jam packed with different veggies, including ones I never cook, like bok choy.


They also have really cool purple sticky rice that comes with the dishes! I love it there and wish I could go right this second. I’d definitely get a Thai bubble tea like last time.


If you live in Austin, have you been to the new Veggie Heaven? It’s so easy to get to and park, too. It’s a lot better than the old Veggie Heaven, which had about 5 parking spaces and was off the Drag in the university district.

How could you not crave something called the currylicious? 😋



One thought on “Veggie Heaven, Downtown Austin

  1. Veggie Heaven is open again?! When I went to UT I loved going there for lunch & when my parents came to visit we would eat there, but then they closed b/c the owner was retiring. I’ve since then graduated & moved out of the country, but if I visit Austin again I want to go eat there!

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