😻 Current Obsessions + A Halter Jumpsuit OOTD!

Hey everyone!

I am in a different place in life yet again. I mean, that’s always, really. Life is a constant adjustment. It’s always a transition and a growth. I’m grateful for all the changes and try to stay positive and feel my feelings. I left my job, and now I’m writing full time.

And as always when I’m writing a lot, everything else gets a little sharper. The world is more colorful when I’m in the middle of a story. So here’s what I’ve been LOVING in technicolor vision lately.

But first- my new favorite embroidered jumpsuit!


I snagged this piece from American Eagle. It looked cute in the pictures, but there were several reviewers who said it was FANTASTIC. That clinched my decision, and I’m glad I trusted the amazing people who bother reviewing stuff online. I paired it with my mauve platform sandals and a non-Henri Bendel bag! This one is really lightweight and has that classic satchel shape. I can fit a lot of stuff in there!


The jumpsuit is a culotte silhouette, which is crazy. I used to hate culottes and thought they were the one fashion area I’d always hate. But hey, trends are a fun way to try new things. Will I still be wearing this jumpsuit 5 years from now? Probably not. But it’s cute, affordable, and I love embroidery on clothing soooo much.


Sole Society Adrina Satchel (exact) ✢ Another cute Sole Society satchel I’ve had my eye on ✢ Mauve flatform sandals (exact) ✢ Culotte jumpsuit (exact and now on SALE!) ✢



💕 ABBA! I’ve been listening to nothing but Abba lately. Especially GIMME GIMME GIMME– I listen to this at least 5 times a day. There’s always just ONE song that I’m grooving with- I go through phases. Last month it was Rats by Ghost, and right now it’s this one 🎶

Pretty much me right now (from Freaks and Geeks!)–


💕 Now… quite logically… I’ve also been loving Mamma Mia! I want to go see the second one! Have you seen the sequel yet? Is it good? It’s well reviewed!!

💕 I’m also obsessed with LORD OF THE RINGS!!! That’s not even quite enough exclamation points. I haven’t read the books yet and I have only seen the trilogy once, like eight years ago when Scott made me watch- and I was still living at home, and I was such a scaredy cat back then I closed my eyes through everything. But now I’m rewatching the trilogy and I am ALL. IN. I think it might be the greatest story ever told. And according to quizzes online I am undeniably the gardener.


💕 Also: THE STAIRMASTER. It’s my favorite workout.

💕 Also: The Atheist Experience Podcast– if you love critical thinking, you’ll loooove Matt Dillahunty. He is so smart that it makes me jealous. The control he has over his brain and the laser focused arguing skills he has are incredible.

💕RuPaul and Michelle Visage, because I am literally always obsessed with them. Lately it’s What’s The Tee podcast and rewatching RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2. Did you know my partner’s favorite drag queen (out of drag) is actually DETOX? So we’ve been enjoying rewatching Detox on AS2, neon eyebrows and all. Scott is almost as obsessed with RuPaul and the world of drag race as I am.


Now… Back to writing for me!

Have an AWESOME week and let me know what you’re obsessed with. Find me on Instagram and show me what books, movies and podcasts you’ve been into these days- I’m @taylordorothy.



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