🍒 OMG THIS POLISH: Charged Up Cherry

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another nail polish reviews- one of my favorite things to do. I found this CLASSIC polish at Sally’s the other day while browsing for colors with my dude. He’s got a secret talent for picking out polishes, and has picked out several of my favorites, like She’s A Bad Muffuletta by OPI. When I was looking at that New Orleans collection, I did not like that one and did not expect to go home with it… and yet, Scott said to trust him (😏) and now it’s one of my top picks for a summer pedicure.

I actually bring up She’s A Bad Muffuletta for a reason- it’s very similar to today’s polish (except that one pulls way more red, and this one pulls way more pink).

Charged Up Cherry is well known. It’s got a high rating on MakeupAlley (4.1), and it’s been around for a long time. This one has a new label, with the bolder OPI lettering, which I really enjoy the look of.

Photo Sep 01, 1 07 20 PM


This is a bright polish for people who don’t usually do bright polish.

Photo Sep 01, 1 03 56 PM

If you are looking to mix things up for a trip or event, this warm punchbowl pink would look great on nails or toes.

It’s funny how it’s a very common, mainstream color and yet I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It pulls a little more berry than coral, and it’s not neon or hot pink but it’s definitely fun and eye-catching.

Photo Sep 01, 1 03 17 PM

This color is good for all seasons.


I actually really liked this formula- but then again, I always prefer a creamy, thicker formula. I prefer almost full coverage on the first coat.

Photo Sep 01, 1 02 25 PM

This polish has a good, flat brush and is easy to wipe off on the bottle. Nail lines showed under the first coat, but it could almost be a one coater otherwise.

The second coat went on well without pulling. I did three coats to really smooth things out, and topped it all off with Seche Vive gel effect top coat. That’s why it’s so extra shiny!


Charged Up Cherry is a great polish to give as a gift, because even someone who favors neutral polishes might be glad they have such a joyous, fun color in their collection one day. It’s good for beginners, since it’s easy to work with.

Photo Sep 01, 1 02 31 PM


Here we go!

Color: 10/10. What a gorgeous shade.

Formula: 7/10. If it were SLIGHTLY thinner, it would be a knockout.

Uniqueness: 9/10. It’s dupeable, I’m sure, but I don’t have anything like this one in my stash.

Good for Newbies: 8/10. I didn’t have any issues with cuticle flooding, and it doesn’t stain the nails.

Does the name fit the shade?: 0/10. Charged up CHERRY? That’s just a fail. A charged up cherry would be a deep, juicy, shiny dark red…. not a bold creme pink. Come ON.

Photo Sep 01, 1 02 21 PM

What do you think of this polish? 

You can buy it for $10.50 on Amazon. Do you use Amazon Prime? I love it. I also do Amazon Smile, where they automatically donate a percentage of my purchases to a charity of my choice. I donate to my favorite charity through that and Patreon– it’s Barn Sanctuary in Michigan! Check them out. Seriously, if this post (and whole blog, actually) inspire you to do nothing else, go look at Barn Sanctuary. Little Dude is not little anymore, and he’s still my favorite.


If you’re a nail polish addict, there’s a good chance you already have and love this one. Let me know what other classics I might be missing out on!! For example, I don’t have OPI’s Cajun Shrimp!! Crazy, right?

Have a great week!



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