S’MORES MACARONS 😍 (AND they’re handmade locally?!) REVIEW

Hey everyone!

And ATTENTION ATX PEOPLE, especially!!

I love s’mores macarons. S’mores is one of my favorite flavor profiles, and macarons are one of my favorite cookie types. Combine the two, and WOW. I tried s’mores macarons in San Antonio recently, and then this week someone gifted me locally made little bites of heaven.

Link to the baker in case you want to skip my review and just order yourself some coooookiesss and cupcakes right now—Β The Ginger’s Bread House and Bakery.Β They’re a local bakery and bread shop just starting out in Austin, run by a really sweet girl. This is a company to watch- do you ever just have that feeling? Like, get in now and order some baked goods from them so you can brag when they’ve gone big time.

Photo Sep 07, 12 57 03 PM


As you know if you’ve had a macaron, texture is everything. I mean, flavor seems important because these macaron shops play with such interesting flavor profiles (like rose and lavender!)… But if your texture is off, you might as well be eating anything. Macarons are defined by their light, crisp shell, and soft, properly thick inner filling. The first thing I noticed when I tried The Ginger’s macarons is the Laduree-esque texture. BTW- when we were in LA, I was obsessed with getting to their Laduree and trying the world famous macarons. They were the best and it was alllll because of the texture. So that’s a high compliment!

Photo Sep 07, 12 54 55 PM


OMG, this baker NAILED the s’mores flavor. What most people get wrong about s’mores flavored things is that they forget the graham cracker. Like,Β Sprinkles Cupcakes s’mores cupcake is a dominant marshmallow and dark chocolate flavor, which is why I hate that one. First of all, the chocolate you use in s’mores is usually Hershey’s milk chocolate, so the chocolate has to be light and sweet, and most importantly milk… Clearly this is something I’ve put thought into! Maybe too much thought…!

This macaron gets all of it right- milky chocolate, strong graham, and sweet, honeyed marshmallow with the perfect toasty outside.

Photo Sep 07, 1 06 07 PM


Texture: 10/10.Β The shell is exactly as fluffy-meets-crisp as you could hope for.

Flavor: 10/10Β Take note, Sprinkles.

S’Mores Cravings Satisfaction: 10/10. Finally. As Junk Banter pointed out, this summer was seriously lacking s’mores flavored goodness, so this was much needed.

Size: 10/10. I loved that they were more mini. Some places like La Patisserie make massive macarons, but I prefer a two-biter.

Price: these are $2 bucks each or you get five of them for $8. I needed 5, at least. That’s suuuper reasonable.

Supporting a local bakery just starting out: Not to sound like that cheesy credit card commercial from 10 years ago, but priceless. I would way rather pay a small bakery like this to bake me some cupcakes or other flavor macarons* that I really enjoy than buy a huge box of processed cookies from Costco.

Photo Sep 07, 1 05 19 PM

*List of other flavors I want to try:

  • Cinnamon Bun
  • French Toast
  • Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
  • Chai Tea Latte
  • Banana Split
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cotton Candy

(Flavors are my passion πŸ˜‚Β I could go on all day.)

What are your favorite macaron flavors?

Photo Sep 07, 12 56 52 PM

And where’s the best one you’ve ever had?

This was not a sponsored post, despite the rave- the bake shop doesn’t even know I’m posting this. But I do get tired of offices and companies getting their baked goods from grocery stores every time, and I wanted to shout out something actually special I loved this week.

I hope you have a great week!! You can send me an email: contact@taylordorothy.com if you need anything from me or want to chat.



One thought on “S’MORES MACARONS 😍 (AND they’re handmade locally?!) REVIEW

  1. Yummm great post! Definitely will have to grab some macaroons tomorrow! Omg, chai tea latte flavored macaroon? Yummmm

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