Act III Woes

I just have to share... I am REALLY struggling to write right now. I know what I have to write, I want to write, but I have to write the climax at this point. I've reached my climax chapter. This is what I am worst at as a writer. I have a lot of strengths, … Continue reading Act III Woes


Halloween Costumes

I have never really been into dressing up for Halloween. My brother wasn't either, even though our elementary school put on a huge costume parade every year for the parents to come watch. Our school was really into Halloween, which is probably why we didn't give up on dressing up all together. One year, my mom could … Continue reading Halloween Costumes

Pirate Bikes

One of the reasons I chose to go to Southwestern University was the bikes. It's something they're known for- they call them the Pirate bikes. All over Southwestern's beautiful, Hogwarts-y campus are bright yellow cruiser bikes. If you find one, you just get on it and ride to your next class or dorm. When I saw … Continue reading Pirate Bikes