Five Summer Goals: 2018

Hey everyone!

So much has changed in the last year. Some of my goals from last summer are still as pertinent as ever- like taking more pictures and to use less heat on my hair (my hair is screaming out for me to listen to this one). But my priorities have changed massively, along with everything else in my life since last year.

GOAL #1: Start helping others to heal from C-PTSD.

This is a passion of mine, and I need to jump into it feet first. I have healed from Complex PTSD about 90% (although it’s very hard to quantify mental disorders!) and want to help others do the same. I will post more about this soon.


GOAL #2: Get outside & be active.

The best days are spent running, swimming, biking, and hiking. Whenever I’m in a bad mood and actually get out on the trail and walk through nature, I immediately feel better. These things take timing and planning and forethought, though, as amazing as they are. I sometimes place an emphasis on getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup instead of prioritizing a low-key day where I go for a run downtown or go swimming. I definitely want to change that this summer!



GOAL #3: Improve the days of people I come into contact with.

I try to treat everyone I meet as a potential new friend. Sometimes when I get tired of talking to strangers who come into the store where I work, I make myself pretend they are a celebrity I like and whom I would want to like me. It might sound stupid, but it helps me gear up to give someone my all that I might not otherwise care about (because I don’t know them, they’re not smiling, retail is exhausting, I’m an introvert, etc. etc.). We’re wired to be more likely to try and impress someone we know has status or something we want, so I use this mechanism to my advantage. I want to make people’s lives better just by talking to them and caring about their answers and making eye contact. I want to give compliments that I mean and have great interactions when I’m out in the world.

GOAL #4: Get married and pick my new last name.

This July, Scott and I will hit 8 years together and we’ve decided to finally get married. I mean, we had to make sure we were actually compatible. Haha. I’m just kidding, we knew it was forever on date one. But we never cared about getting married- I don’t want a wedding. Now I want to get hitched, and that means I am going to pick a new name, too! I don’t want to take Scott’s name because it’s soooooo boring. He’s Scott Smith. Mr. Anonymous. And I don’t want to keep my last name anymore. So I’m going to pick a new one! I have a few favorites, but it’s obviously a huge decision.

GOAL #5: Get a literary agent.

It’s about damn time. I have two completed manuscripts and three ongoing works. I want to write the query letters, and start the process of getting published. By the end of summer! Biggest goal here! Woo!

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What are your goals for the summer?

As always, you can reach out to me via email ( or on instagram (@taylordorothy).  Tell me your goals and let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a great summer!



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