Bayalage + Dark Root: My First Salon Experience in 5 Years!

Heyyy everyone!

I recently decided to level up my game and get my hair professionally done! As you probably know, I have been a DIY queen for years now. I did my own nails, I cut and colored my own hair, and everything else along those lines. Tanner. Tooth whitener. You name it and I love attempting it on my own.

But since I started working full time at Erin Condren, I’ve decided it’s time to see a real hairstylist for a look I can’t do myself.

Also… I got tired of doing my roots so much. It took a lot of time, and the more boxes of blonde I layered, the dicier the color was getting. Sometimes it looked good, and sometimes it was a miss.

I brainstormed a solution that would let me still be blonde, would look professional and stylish, and wouldn’t require such constant upkeep. I researched bayalage with a dark blonde root, and reached out to a local Austin hairstylist that I found via instagram.

My hairdresser, Laurie P (@lo__lights),  and I had actually been messaging for a year. I have been tempted by her ombre highlighting skills for that long!! We made an appointment at her adorable Austin salon, decided on a champagne blonde melted into my natural blonde at the roots, and met up on a gorgeous morning.

Laurie co-owns Habit Salon in downtown Austin, which is such a cute, cozy space that I immediately felt at ease. Years ago, when I’d get my hair done in Austin, it was at a big industrial salon where everyone was renting a chair and there were always too many people and I always felt self conscious. Habit is not like that. If you’re sensitive, socially anxious, young, shy, or just want a chill experience, you’d love this place!

We got started, and we had tons of catching up to do now that we’d taken our relationship from instagram DMs to real life. It turns out Laurie is a traveling stylist who works in Charleston, South Carolina, too, and is going to expand to even more cities this year. She is also getting certified in an incredible kind of hair extensions, which I’m very intrigued by. If you’re looking for someone legit in Austin to do your hair extensions, send her a message on Instagram (or reach out to me, and I’ll pass it along).

Luckily there was a patch  of my hair I hadn’t been dyeing behind my ears, and she was able to color match the root she was putting in to my natural hair pretty much exactly. Then in a display of some serious skill that I will never have, she blended my new roots into a lovely light blonde all the way down. My before and afters are truly incredible.






Have you ever gotten something like this done to your hair? I feel so different! A big change in my work life called for a big change in my appearance, and this was just what i needed. Be sure to check Laurie out on instagram! I highly recommend using her. I love how natural and beautiful it came out, and it even looks amazing weeks later.

Have a great week!






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