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Taylor Dorothy

Hi! I'm a novelist living in Austin, Texas!

Valentine’s Day 2013

So I realized I didn’t update about my valentines day 2013! I’m feeling all lovey dovey cause Scott is here cooking dinner for us- I rolled my ankle on my run and he came to take care of me. And I’m watching the first Dundies episode of The Office, where […]


I have class in five minutes- oops! What happened! I have been working all morning and afternoon on my writing, and then I finally took a break for lunch. I cut up an apple and doused it in cinnamon sugar (I’m THAT kind of girl), heated up my leftover half […]

A great day!

Today was one of the best days of my life. This morning I could barely sleep after fighting with Scott and stressing over my group project. The group project was a fucking mess and I didn’t eat enough breakfast before class. I thought it would rain so I didn’t ride […]

Looking Back!

I remember when I was fifteen and I wanted to tell everyone how much I loved my friends. I wanted to fill my MySpace and AIM profile with declarations of love about Mandy and Andy and my other groups. I was obsessed with my groups in Kalaheo, too, always taking […]


Hello! Welcome to my blog. My other tumblr is and also (although that one is older and I don’t go on it- but obviously I liked that tagline!) I started this blog for writing and promoting myself. I have written a novel and feel like I should sell […]