Quotes Book 2

Hello! After proofreading one of my blog posts like a good little blogger, WordPress recommended one of my own posts to me and I couldn't help but check it out. One of the perks of running this site for so many years is that I have forgotten some of the things I had posted. This … Continue reading Quotes Book 2


8 Live Podcasts in 2 Days

  I think one of the best (and most unlikely) things about listening to podcasts is when they stop being a solitary activity and you get to see them live. I was so thrilled when I found out my favorite comedy duo and podcasters, Jake and Amir, were coming to Austin for their first annual podcast festival. … Continue reading 8 Live Podcasts in 2 Days


So for the last four years, I've kept something called "The Quotes Book." Some years I was very neurotic about it, and couldn't have fun at a party unless I was sitting with my notebook, transcribing the hilarious things my friends would say. It's now more of an honor to make the quotes book, since … Continue reading QUOTES BOOK

Loving Lately…

Things I Love Lately: A General List of Pop Culture and Delicious Snacks And go! 1. Inside Amy on Comedy Central, and the fabulous Amy Schumer. Every single Wednesday morning I watched Tuesday night's episode on demand, like twice in a row. 2. If I'm going to be throwing the word "fabulous" around, then I … Continue reading Loving Lately…