It's that time of year again... Spring break!  This annual week-long holiday from school is the setting of my first novel INTO THE OCEAN. Into The Ocean is about a girl from New Jersey who moves to Hawaii with her family. She has finally started making friends and settling in, just as spring break rolls … Continue reading BIG CHANGES, BOOK COVERS & SPRING BREAK


A few weeks ago, I decided to move away from cups and mugs to a real make up storage unit for my make up station. I found this beauty at the Container Store, and could not be happier.   I put coffee beans in the back three compartments to keep my brushes upright, and stacked … Continue reading BEAUTY STORAGE!

NEW: The Go-To

Today I implemented a new part of Cinnamon Sugar Beauty-- A resources page! It's called THE GO-TO, and it's a guide to all of the products I love and use in my daily life. You can find it between BEAUTY and BOOK.  I adore lists and guides, so it only made sense to add one … Continue reading NEW: The Go-To

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag!

♥ Hello and happy February! My friend Ginger of Ginger Loves Make-Up has tagged me in another cool beauty survey, so I am happily filling this out! This is the 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty tag. Let's dive in! Greed: What’s your most expensive beauty item? I have been slowly upgrading my make up collection to higher priced … Continue reading 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag!

Love: MAC Lipsticks

I finally bought my first MAC lipsticks. For a total lipstick junkie, it was crazy that I had never even been in a MAC store. When Scott and I went, he was like, "You really haven't been in here before? This is so you." I knew exactly what shades I wanted to try on, and … Continue reading Love: MAC Lipsticks

New: Tarte Be MATTE-nificent Palette

There is a lesson I have learned the hard way in the last year. (And by lesson, I also kind of mean first world problem.) There have been three different eyeshadow palettes that I have fallen in love with and waited too long to order, and then the companies stopped selling them. The palettes, in … Continue reading New: Tarte Be MATTE-nificent Palette

Reviews & A Link: INTO THE OCEAN

I have been writing a ton lately (working on my second book!) and really loving it. I know that I will write even more when I'm back out at school, since there's nothing like LESS time to make my brain really want to dive into a story. This writing flow has also inspired me to … Continue reading Reviews & A Link: INTO THE OCEAN

Fun, Work, & Why 2014 Already Rules

 I would say a hallmark of being 23 is a lot of doubt, insecurity, and pressure. Society says I should be done with my Bachelor's degree, done with my Master's, in an entry level position at an office somewhere, wearing pencil skirts, and driving a car I own. Well, I gotta tell you, none of … Continue reading Fun, Work, & Why 2014 Already Rules


2013: A LOOK BACK I am inspired to do this list by YouTube darling Tyler Oakley's 100 Things I Did This Year video. If you're not a fan of Tyler, aka the Queen of YouTube and the internet, I'll fill you in- Tyler is an extremely likable gay guy from Michigan making it big through … Continue reading NEW YEAR’S EVE RETROSPECTIVE


Hello everyone! I was tagged to do this post by GINGER LOVES MAKE-UP (check her out here). So let's begin! I tag THIS DAY RIGHT NOW to fill this out next. Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Wavy! Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon? I dye it myself- and each … Continue reading GET TO KNOW ME TAG!

10 Things That Are Always Worth The Extra Money

With this holiday season of buying and shopping, I was thinking that there are some things that are always worth the extra money. 1. The good red lipstick. I've spent too much money on $4 and $5 lipsticks that I never wear because of their low quality. 2. The direct flight. My brother will fly … Continue reading 10 Things That Are Always Worth The Extra Money