Top 10 Favorites: NAIL POLISH

Hello everyone!! Today I wanted to write about my top ten favorite nail polishes. I am very into nail polish, and always do my own nails. I'll include a review of each color, which one I would most suggest picking up, and how they each apply. I used to go and get my nails done … Continue reading Top 10 Favorites: NAIL POLISH

Downtown Austin on a Sunday Night ☼ [2015]

Hey everyone!! Since I have started using Facebook way less (a good move to be sure- all that research about how Facebook is bad for your brain due to social comparisons and pressure helped me make that decision), I have all these great photos that are just sitting on my computer! I had a blast … Continue reading Downtown Austin on a Sunday Night ☼ [2015]

I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year

I was going through the archives of my blog the other day and found a post from New Year's Day 2014. I had written about how I didn't have a Bachelor's Degree yet, and didn't have a car or career. How I felt behind other people my age. It made me laugh and realize how … Continue reading I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year

5 Reasons to Re-Watch Friends

As many of you know, Friends hit Netflix early this month. I love the show and have all of the episodes on my external harddrive, but being able to watch on my iPad wherever I want is a dream come true. Despite my boyfriend hating the show, I have started a rewatch at season 1. … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Re-Watch Friends

Loving Lately: Style!

Hey guys! Does anyone else do this? Now that it's 100 degrees, the hottest month here in Texas, and the high time to pull out the flip flops and mini dresses, I am OBSESSED with fall. Crazy, right? I am thinking about baking, dreaming about pumpkin products, ready to buy some Bath & Body Works … Continue reading Loving Lately: Style!

10 Chapters Down & Flower Crowns

Hello everyone!! I miss all of you and hope you are having a great spring. Things are going just awesome over here at my writing desk. I've completed ten chapters of my second book and think it will be done in late July. I have never been prouder of anything. Without giving too much away (yet), … Continue reading 10 Chapters Down & Flower Crowns

Nail Art & Second Books

Lately, my life has been filled with school work (it's that time in the semester- ouch) and writing my second book. I can't get enough of one and wish the other would go away. I have been spending many happy hours here at my writing desk. My partner and I salvaged my giant 4-foot wide executive … Continue reading Nail Art & Second Books

Sunshine, Yellows, & More News…

Hello all! Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Austin. These are my favorite kinds of days, and I can't wait until it's summer. The 80-degrees-one-day and 40-the-next weather of Texas is making me crazy. Last week I pulled out all of my summer clothes, and the next day the doors to my car … Continue reading Sunshine, Yellows, & More News…