Bath & Body Works Haul

So last night I ordered some candles off of Bath and Body works. Their fall 2013 line just rolled out, and I’ve never purchased a candle from there before. I used to go in and buy their lip glosses, but I didn’t really know about their candles until I started […]

Writing Woes

I have been dutifully outlining my current novel for the last two days. I have laid out the plot and storyline for the next six months for my characters, and I have to say… I am very mad at my characters. I am thinking the only way to solve this […]

My Beauty Battle Station

Over on Reddit, there is a subreddit I frequent called r/makeupaddiction. The girls there are reputedly the sweetest people on all of Reddit, and I know I never tire of seeing FOTDs (face of the day), Before & Afters, and something they call “Battle Stations”: aka a girl’s make up […]

The Buzz On My Book

Well, Into The Ocean has officially been published for six weeks. Publishing my novel and putting myself out there has been terrifying and exciting, especially since this is my first book. And of course, the best part of the last few weeks has been hearing what people think once they’ve […]

Birthday Party

I had an amazing 23rd birthday. First, it was the night of cake and dinner at home (plus Harry Potter movies) with Tom and Scott. Then it was a dinner out to Clay Pit in downtown Austin, and a party at the house. On Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with […]

Frigid Frog Shaved Ice

Today we checked out yet another spot in Austin that I had never been to before. We drive up and down South Lamar enough, so I figured it was only a matter of time before we pulled over and tried the Frigid Frog Shaved Ice truck that always caught my […]

3 Year Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday. We had an amazing day in Austin. I cooked for my client Rose, and hung out with her nephew, watching The Office and baking cookies. It’s always wonderful to see them- and since our collective group of 4 ranges in age […]

Tex Mex!

I tend to eat at the same restaurant over and over. Every time Scott and I rack our brains, thinking of where we want to eat, we always come to the one place we always go to. I’m talking about going there so often we become friends with the waitstaff […]