NJ boy does ATX!

I went to sleep smiling last night. When looking back over my day, I had to fight back laughter as I was laying in bed. Scott and I are hosting my friend Derek this week, on his motorcycle tour of America, and it has been a blast. I knew Derek […]

Blog Guilt

I have taken a good bit of time away from this blog, which guilts me every night as I fall asleep. But I have also taken a leave of absence from my university, and taking time away from other things seems natural too. I am in a time of growth […]


NEW MONTH, NEW OBSESSIONS! I have been super into with watching two shows on Netflix. I finally broke my addiction to The Office, which everyone is relieved about, from my boyfriend to my brother to my boss, who always asked, “Haven’t you seen this episode? And all of them?” TV […]

End of August Lust List!

♥ IT’S TIME FOR A LUST LIST!  I’ve been writing these in my journals for a million years now (age 15- I wanted lip gloss, age 17- tight white jeans…) and always missed the visual aspect of lusting over something in there. So here we go! 1. RICH CHOCOLATE EYE […]

♥This Weekend

Weekend of August 23- The Good Stuff! This weekend I found a new snack that absolutely blew my mind. I saw them in Central Market, and I figured they were going to be typical sour green grapes with a slight cotton candy sweetness. But NO! These grapes taste exactly like […]

Autumn Dreaming

I’m getting very excited for Autumn. I think it’s mostly because I live in Austin, and I can barely go outside in the daytime. I have to wait until after 6 to run, and even a ten minute drive with the AC down will leave me sweating. It’s been a […]