Special Dark Blue Nails πŸ¦‹

Hey everyone!

I love navy nails. They’re so different! I reach for vampy shades a lot now that it’s winter, but I wouldn’t call Incognito In Sausalito vampy. It sure is special though- read on to find out about its formula. Another good OPI in the books!

incognito in sausalito opi polish


This one is a dark navy creme polish. It has pure blue undertones and reads a little inky. It’s not dusty or purpley. I love a dark manicure (and blog about dark nails constantly- here, here, here 😜) and this one is especially flattering. It’s very sophisticated and elegant, although it is dark. I consider this a neutral polish and it goes with everything, including black outfits. But because it’s navy instead of black, it’s unique. It says you really took care when picking out your polish- you know what’s up, girl! It can read black in certain lights since it’s very dark, so it’s a pleasant surprise when you look closely and see it’s a midnight blue, like the ocean during a storm.

incognito in sausalito opi polish


This is one of the best polishes in my collection because of the formula. It is literally good to go in one coat. It has an excellent formula, and even though it’s so dark, it’s very easy to guide around the nail. It’s a thicker formula with full coverage. I did one coat and could have been done, but decided to go in with a second one so it looked absolutely perfect. I followed up with top coat, which really brought the shine. It was so satisfying to be done in one coat. This is also a long-wearing polish and doesn’t chip on me.

If all polishes had formulas this good, I would be in heaven. Can you even imagine? BRB, daydreaming about that perfect world…

incognito in sausalito opi polish


If you skip base coat, you will be contending with stained nails. This is to be expected from such a dark, pigmented polish! The staining isn’t even that bad, but if you wanted to wear a light pink polish right after this one, you might have some funky dark remnants in your nail beds. You can also overload the brush and move the polish around on the nail and have it come out perfectly, so if you’re new to painting nails, this is a good one for you (and check my latest blog posts, which are newbie oriented!). It’s not messy since it’s a thicker formula, and I didn’t get any on my cuticles at all.

This polish was from OPI’s San Francisco collection, which was a fall line. I recently reviewed another polish from that lineup- First Date At The Golden Gate, which is a very autumnal red.

incognito in sausalito opi nail polish


Color: 9/10

Formula: 10/10

Uniqueness: 8/10 (Russian Navy by OPI is close).

A Blue Even Blue Polish Haters Would Like: 10/10!

Office Appropriate: 10/10

My only issue with this polish is that it can read a little dull after a few days’ worth of wear. But it is both mature and fun at the same time. This is such a great polish!

incognito in sausalito navy

What do you think of this one? Are you going to pick it up? You can buy it here.



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