Today is my mom’s birthday! And it is pouring out. Scott is going to pick me up after work, and we’re going to go Austin and hang out with her tonight. I think I’m going to work on my papers instead of write my book. I’m wondering if my streak […]

finally feeling better!

It was a long two weeks that I was under the weather with tonsillitis  I mean, if this was the 90s, they would have pulled those suckers out. And I would have been in the hospital eating vegan low-fat ice cream. So lately I have been about as well behaved as […]

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Yesterday evening, I got really inspired after an afternoon nap. I pulled out my binder full of recipes (I usually hand copy healthy recipes I find online and hole-punch them in) and decided to try some new things. I made smashed sweet potatoes, tri-tip sirloin roast in the crock pot, […]


I’ve been crazy sick for almost an entire week now. I finally went to a clinic on Friday (a $100 clinic off I-35- hashtag no health insurance!) and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Even now I’m wrapped up in a blanket and don’t want to write anymore. I was so lucky […]

catching up!

It has been forever! I was in Florida for 10 days without internet (I did post once from my iPhone, but that connection was spotty too). I have also been writing a lot. That’s what I was just doing when I reminded myself what a terrible blogger I am! Hello! […]

New Ideas!

Everything is easier when I’m writing. I started a new project two days ago down here in Florida. It’s funny— I always get my novel ideas while I travel but never realize that until it happens. This time, I shot out of bed and wrote down everything about this story […]


I just picked up my mail and received my copy of “Keeping The Moon” by Sarah Dessen. Of course I’ve read it before, maybe twice, but somehow I don’t own it and I need to own all of Sarah Dessen’s books. I will reread it on my Florida trip since […]

Scott’s Birthday!

I am so excited! Today is Scott’s 31st birthday. 2011: Two years ago, I got Scott a BMX frame for his birthday (I think he paid half, since they’re about $350) and had just cut my own bangs. We went to Clay Pit for Indian food, and I tried my […]

Silver Linings Playbook

Sometimes I hate reading. Because sometimes you read a book that you know you’ll never get over. I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m traveling and need something to read, I wish I could just zap all memory of reading my favorite books from my mind and experience […]

New Foods!

This weekend I tried three new foods! 1. Sausage. I had tried sausage as a child in New Jersey, but I decided I didn’t like it. I also decided this about strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which I re-tried in the last two years and LOVE. So I figured I was wrong […]


Well  this should show my dedication to this blog, because I absolutely should NOT be on here right now. Do you know what opening tumblr is like when you have an exam in an hour and a half? …something about the definition of insanity. I am decent at sociological theory […]