Act III Woes

I just have to share... I am REALLY struggling to write right now. I know what I have to write, I want to write, but I have to write the climax at this point. I've reached my climax chapter. This is what I am worst at as a writer. I have a lot of strengths, … Continue reading Act III Woes

Reading as a Writer

Reading can be a complicated passion for me. I have been rereading "The Girl's Guide To Hunting And Fishing," which is an amazing fiction novel by Melissa Bank and has nothing to do with hunting or fishing. I first read it about ten years ago, and time is on my side when it comes to … Continue reading Reading as a Writer

I Can’t Blog While I Write My Books

Hey everyone! Recently I purchased a laptop to replace my extremely fatigued 2007 iMac. I was stubborn in my loyalty to my desktop Mac, seeing as the computer had seen me through six moves in two states, the entirety of my five-year college career, and literally hundreds of writing attempts. An iMac is not a particularly … Continue reading I Can’t Blog While I Write My Books

I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year

I was going through the archives of my blog the other day and found a post from New Year's Day 2014. I had written about how I didn't have a Bachelor's Degree yet, and didn't have a car or career. How I felt behind other people my age. It made me laugh and realize how … Continue reading I Can’t Believe That Happened: My 24th Year

5 Reasons to Re-Watch Friends

As many of you know, Friends hit Netflix early this month. I love the show and have all of the episodes on my external harddrive, but being able to watch on my iPad wherever I want is a dream come true. Despite my boyfriend hating the show, I have started a rewatch at season 1. … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Re-Watch Friends

10 Chapters Down & Flower Crowns

Hello everyone!! I miss all of you and hope you are having a great spring. Things are going just awesome over here at my writing desk. I've completed ten chapters of my second book and think it will be done in late July. I have never been prouder of anything. Without giving too much away (yet), … Continue reading 10 Chapters Down & Flower Crowns

Nail Art & Second Books

Lately, my life has been filled with school work (it's that time in the semester- ouch) and writing my second book. I can't get enough of one and wish the other would go away. I have been spending many happy hours here at my writing desk. My partner and I salvaged my giant 4-foot wide executive … Continue reading Nail Art & Second Books

Sunshine, Yellows, & More News…

Hello all! Today was a beautiful sunny day here in Austin. These are my favorite kinds of days, and I can't wait until it's summer. The 80-degrees-one-day and 40-the-next weather of Texas is making me crazy. Last week I pulled out all of my summer clothes, and the next day the doors to my car … Continue reading Sunshine, Yellows, & More News…


It's that time of year again... Spring break!  This annual week-long holiday from school is the setting of my first novel INTO THE OCEAN. Into The Ocean is about a girl from New Jersey who moves to Hawaii with her family. She has finally started making friends and settling in, just as spring break rolls … Continue reading BIG CHANGES, BOOK COVERS & SPRING BREAK


This past weekend, I was at the Texas Book Festival. It was my third year attending with my mom. After the first year I went, in 2011 when I saw Sarah Dessen speak, I was so excited and inspired that I started writing what later became my novel Into The Ocean (which you can check … Continue reading HOW TO WRITE A BOOK: My 5 Rules!


So for the last four years, I've kept something called "The Quotes Book." Some years I was very neurotic about it, and couldn't have fun at a party unless I was sitting with my notebook, transcribing the hilarious things my friends would say. It's now more of an honor to make the quotes book, since … Continue reading QUOTES BOOK

“I Started at Age 5…”: Head Starts and Late Beginnings

You know how you hear about those people who are professional athletes, and you find out they started when they were, like, 3 years old? For instance, you hear about olympians who had been doing gymnastics since 18 months old. It always makes me feel like I am way behind and have no chance to catch … Continue reading “I Started at Age 5…”: Head Starts and Late Beginnings