✨Recent Favorites!✨

Hey everyone!

Here are all my favorites right now- this month, last month, the general FALL TIME!

Fave PODCAST: I found a podcast about cruelty free makeup, and I’m obsessed! It’s called Natch Beaut, and you will start talking like the host Jackie J after an episode or two. Here’s her official site, and here’s a link to the episodes (with a great description of the content and host!).


Fave BOOKS: As you may know, I’m trying to read 75 books this year. It’s not going great- I’m at, like, 56. But I’ve been loving Small Admissions by Amy Poeppel. I just finished Public Relations by Katie Heaney and it was CUTE! (And well written!)

Fave NAIL POLISH: I’ve reached for OPI’s RUSSIAN NAVY three times this month. It’s dark, glossy, unique (cause it’s navy instead of black) and has an amazing formula. Blog post on it soon! Also, Rock N Royale remains my favorite polish this fall.


Fave INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: I am always checking up on @barnsanctuary. I love watching the adventures of the rescue animals like Little Dude the pig!

Fave MEAL: It’s the currylicious bowl from Veggie Heaven. I am obsessed with Veggie Heaven- vegan Asian comfort food. I’ve blogged about them a LOT, and I would honestly eat there every day. You MUST go if you’re in Austin!


Fave TV SHOW: Right now I’m into This Is Us and The Good Place! Way to go, NBC. I’m counting down until Arie is The Bachelor this January, and I can’t wait for season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race: ALL STARS!


Fave TREATS: Well, Whole Foods started making a cookies and cream flavored white chocolate covered pretzel 😍😍😍. But they also make chocolate drizzled kettle corn- amazing. And The Grapery’s GUMDROP grapes have been my obsession all fall- I like them better than cotton candy grapes!

Fave MAKEUP PRODUCTS: This month I tried a foundation that I actually LOVE!! It’s Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Longwear foundation. It’s light, natural, and covers amazingly. I will definitely be posting a review and buying the full size soon.

Fave PUMPKIN ITEM: Silk vegan pumpkin spice coffee creamer. It’s amazing! I mix it with the caramel one sometime. This is definitely my favorite creamer out there.


Fave FASHION ITEM: This hat from H+M. It’s not new, and I’m sure you can find a black felt hat like this just about anywhere. But I’ve been wearing it several times a week lately! Hat season, baby! ✨


Things I’m excited for: The Erin Condren flagship store opening in the Northside of The Domain soon! Erin Condren is a paper product company that I’ve been super into for years. They make customizable, personalizable notebooks, planners, and adorable accessories. I’m extremely excited… And a little nervous.

More on this in a bit… 😉


(Here’s my post on my Erin Condren lifeplanner in case you missed it!)

erin condren planner

Now tell me yours!! What are you loving?

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6 thoughts on “✨Recent Favorites!✨

      1. Yankee Candles are my ultimate fav. I like the pine ones and also the pumpkin this time of year. Other times of year I love the Mango. I also like those coconut candles that are in a hollowed out half of a coconut! Hot buttered rum I bet is yummy to smell too!!

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