🎉My Favorite Nail Swatches EVER + photography secrets

Hey everyone!

I get my nails done professionally now that I work at Erin Condren. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss and love nail polish! Converting to SNS Dip Powder manicures mean I have the same color on for two weeks and there’s no chipping. I don’t use my acetone, I’ve taken down my polish rack, and I don’t even know what OPI’s next release looks like. It’s such a huge difference from last year, where I painted my nails every single day and collected nail polish. I took so much care with my polish photoshoots and reviews, and did around 50 nail swatches and reviews last year!

I wanted to post all of my favorite nail polish swatches since I miss doing them. I’ve included the tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout.


Essie’s Mint Candy Apple ◦ Post HERE ◦ Photographed with daylight and an eyeshadow palette in the back for visual interest!


Orly’s Push The Limit ◦ Post HERE◦ Photographed without natural light ◦ Used a sweater to create a nest for the nails and bottle.


OPI’s First Date at the Golden Gate ◦ Post HERE ◦ Photographed with waning natural light and used fabric that matched the toasty brown undertones to make the color pop!


Orly’s Cotton Candy ◦ Post HERE ◦ Shot in gorgeous daylight and wanted the bottle in the background to show how true to color this one comes out. (Still my fave color ever, probably!)


OPI Black Onyx ◦ Post HERE ◦ Used extra glossy top coat to make the shine pop in photos. It took forever for that much top coat to dry, but I needed the shine!


CND Vinylux in Creekside ◦ Post HERE ◦ Used a blue sweater I found in the back of my closet to contrast how pastel blue this one looks in real life! Took tons of shots against white fabric before deciding to try this, and kept the white rings in for balance.


China Glaze’s Rock N Royale ◦ Post HERE ◦ The old standby trick- cream top in the background, sleeve pulled up, and nails laying relaxed. Rock N Royale was my favorite color of 2017.


Essie’s Mod Square ◦ Post HERE ◦ Mod Square gave me some of my all time favorite pics. I tried several backdrops and sleeves before getting this white and pink combo, and I love it!


OPI’s Suzi Shops and Island Hops ◦ Post HERE ◦ I used brown suede fabric to offset the daintiness of this pink and shot in the late afternoon against all white surfaces.

Noticed the pattern yet?

Sleeve pulled up, thin off-white top with visually interesting sleeves often used as fabric, midi rings, neat cuticles. Natural light. You should try some of these tips and let me know what you think! Comment a link to your blog or Instagram as well!

Happy photographing,




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